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Wild GPS System 200

With the recent acquisition of WILD's latest GPS-System 200, ENTOPOS is now performing a whole range of survey tasks previously the domain of conventional survey methods.

The System 200 receives L1 and L2 frequencies (including P-code) from satellites which allows ENTOPOS to acquire centimeter accuracy in minutes rather than hours, as in the past.

This revolutionary data acquisition system coupled with the post processing software (SKI) enables ENTOPOS to install normal topographic control networks in a few days instead of several weeks using traditional theodolite and EDM.

Premarking for standard and Small Format Aerial Photography (SFAP) in difficult and remote areas can also be carried out in days rather than weeks, providing a big cost saving.

Utilizing the rapid static methods of data acquisition allows ENTOPOS to install up to 12 double observed GPS monuments per day to an accuracy of + 2 cm.

Each GPS unit is light weight and very compact which enables a complete GPS crew of 4 operators, fully outfitted with 4 units and software, to be deployed simply and rapidly, as the equipment can be hand carried onto light aircraft, helicopters or packed into a normal car.

ENTOPOS maintains its leading edge in the use of state-of the art instrumentation by integrating this GPS with such other systems as Total Stations and Small Format Aerial Photography (SFAP).

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