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PT. Petrosea


Bangka Island

Topographic survey of pit areas and calculation of volumes.

PT. Mineralindo Rejeki Alam


Kotabunan, North Sulawesi

Re-establishment of survey control network.

PT. John Holland Constructions Indonesia

1995 1996

East Kalimantan

Checking and auditing of mine volumes calculations at the MHU site. Installation and training in Geocomp software. End-of-month joint surveys, output drawings and volumes, and reporting.

PT. John Holland Constructions Indonesia

1995 1996

South Kalimantan

Topographic survey for pre-strip surface at Satui mine, and establish survey control. Progressive monthly volumes calculations and output of drawings.

PT. Arutmin Indonesia

1996 1997

Senakin, Kalimantan Selatan

As-built and topographic surveys of DMP and JIG plant site area, Dugan Camp and New Village area.

PT. Indonesia Exploration Sejati

1996 1997

West Kalimantan

Survey control, grid lines, and topographic details over 5 prospect areas. Output of detailed drawings.

PT. Scorpion Sampanahan Mineral

1996 1997

South Kalimantan

Controls, grid lines, GPS and topographic surveys at the Miing Prospect.

PT. John Holland Constructions Indonesia

1996 997

Karimun Island

Provision of topographic data for construction of conveyor, and a complete survey of the quarry concession areas. Also joint surveys, volume calculations, and CAD road design.

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