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Geocomp Surveying & Engineering Software

In 1989 ENTOPOS started to convert its data acquisition and plan production systems from the conventional manual operations to fully digital methods.

This involved the installation of the most sophisticated software package for Surveying and Engineering design available today. This software is GEOCOMP which is an Australian written package that has proved itself world wide.

GEOCOMP is ideally suited to ENTOPOS, providing modular packages that can be used in the field to edit data. It is then used in the office with several other modules to perform geodetic network adjustments, build digital terrain models, generate contours, extract X-sections and volumetric calculation.

GEOCOMP has been successfully used by ENTOPOS to design roads for exploration and civil engineering projects. The software is utilized to design roads to optimize cut and fill volumes and also calculates quantities for construction materials.

A very powerful 3D perspective view module builds a 3D picture of the digital terrain model and presents it in a manner that ENTOPOS has been able to utilize for golf course design and resort development. It has allowed ENTOPOS to superimpose hotel and bungalow designs and other infrastructure on to the perspective view to allow the project owners to visualize the completed development.

ENTOPOS has maintained its lead in the Indonesian survey industry by utilizing the flexibility and powerful capabilities of GEOCOMP.

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