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PT. ENTOPOS INDONESIA is now the only company in S.E. Asia using the MPS-2 Micro Photogrammetric System for acquisition of Small Format Aerial Photography (SFAP) and processing the data to provide topographic mapping calculate mine excavation and stock pile quantities and prepare as-built construction plans.

The System ENTOPOS has installed comprises a metricated Rollei 6006 70 mm camera linked to an intervalometer, to control overlap and camera firing, a developing laboratory, an MPS-2 with computer and a real time integration link with Geocomp software.

This system operates ideally on projects of 100-3000 ha. In this size of project ground control is economically installed by Wild - System 200 and the photos flown between 500-1500 m.

Aerial triangulation is carried out on the MPS-2 and C-Map software and the controlled photos digitized and processed with Geocomp.

Areas of this size are rarely handled by standard photography as they are to small to be economically viable. Thus the SFAP system fills a new role in the market by providing fast, efficient and cost effective mapping on various types of small to medium sized projects.

A whole range of services can be provided with this system, such as road alignment and expansion, archeology, town planning, environmental protection, and many other applications.

Due to the low flying height, the details acquired also provide accuracy that can easily be used for engineering design and final planning.

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